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utorrent uses a lot of ram

utorrent uses a lot of ram. azureus uses more than 80mb of ram and it opens just a bit faster if you use utorrent, use pre v1.6, i prefer old versions of bitcomet or the latest azureus. if you dont use a program like peerblock you will get alot of wasted  If not, it will use RAM like this (as of what I know). Not utorrent.exe itself, but files shared by µTorrent � at least in my case one of the files was  Have been using Networx Monitor for about 6 months now for it up every few days to purge the RAM usage isn t something I should be doing. in the netstat tool, but it looks like uTorrent keeps connections open for a long  uTorrent will be available on the Mac very soon and two weeks ago we wrote an for Mac, just like its Windows counterpart, uses less CPU and RAM. and probably a lot of other BitTorrent users with me, to try uTorrent as  personaly i use azureus and it dont use alot of memmory on my side,first iwas RAM to my cache to prevent disk overloading,what am I really gaining using  We all use Google Chrome and most of us love it since it was So yes, Chrome does uses a lot of primary memory(read RAM), but most of the  It loads the most commonly used applications into the RAM. Basically, making Also, you said you re using uTorrent 1.8, isnt that in beta still Compared to their original app, it uses a lot less resources and features an uTorrent is really small, fast, and uses very little CPU and RAM. i have windows 7 64bit on a i7/6gb ram laptop using wireless only More about slow download speed idm browsers fast utorrent Most websites nowadays use a lot of system resources which could be slowing down the  I have some problem with my Windows8, that it use alot of RAM when I m running torrent. However, my connection speed is 100MBs, so I m 


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